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Dock Flotation

Dow STYROFOAM Buoyancy Billets

STYROFOAM™ Brand Buoyancy Billets are an excellent choice for use in floating docks. The large blocks or "billets" of rigid extruded polystyrene foam are lightweight, quick to install and, even if punctured, won't lose their buoyancy.

Port Lumber Corp. stocks Dow Foam in 7”x20”x8’, 7”x20”x9’ and 10”x20”x9’.

DOW build it yourself literature

PERMAFLOAT Dock Flotation Drums

A float drum is one piece and rotationally molded as to eliminate seams that could result in separation and leakage. The .150" thick shell is made of tough virgin polyethylene with ultraviolet inhibitors. This tough shell prevents damage from the sun, saltwater, fresh water, debris, oil, gas and marine organisms.

Port Lumber Corp. stocks the following Permafloat sizes: 24”x48”x12”, 24”x48”x16”, 36”x48”x12”, 48”x60”x12”, 48”x72”x12”, 48”x72”x16” Other sizes may be special ordered, call to speak to one of our sales representatives.

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